Land Manor, Inc

Chemical Dependency Treatment Services

Including HIV Testing and Case Management

Our Mission

The mission of Land Manor, Inc. is to assist individuals to live independently within the confines of their particular disability.  To accomplish this task, specific treatment modalities have been utilized in the program design of each substance abuse program.


Franklin House North

This  24-bed facility offers specialized female services.   It is a highly structured residential recovery program for pregnant/post-partum women, women with children and women trying to regain custody of their children. This program teaches parenting skills, building self esteem, independence and empowerment.


Franklin House South

This 59-bed facility offers residential program for Texas Department of Criminal Justice adult females.  The program uses the principles and teachings of behavior modification to help the client to grow emotionally, spiritually and to take responsibility for themselves.  This facility also offers  outpatient treatment.


Melton Center

This 65-bed facility offers a residential program for adult females. The program is designed to enhance physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of the chemically dependent individual.


Project Aids Land Manor

P.A.L.M. Center provides HIV/AIDS services and client support for HIV positive substance abusers and high-risk clients.  Services include HIV testing, counseling and referrals.  This program stresses early medical intervention services and coordination of social and treatment services with community providers.